An easy way to earn money for your student’s Music Department trip! 

How to Get Started

  1. Go to http://www.raiseright.com to enroll.
  2. Enrollment code: CL71BL1131L67
  3. Sign In Information
  4. Set up account security

What is RaiseRight?

This program is designed to offer participants rebates when gift cards are
purchased to be used for your selected cause. You purchase gift cards or electronic gift certificates
through the online platform and use them just like cash while you earn money back!

How does the program help You?

When you buy through RaiseRight, you get the FULL face value you’ve paid on your gift card/electronic gift certificate PLUS an additional bonus rebate. This bonus rebate* varies from two to twenty percent (and more) and goes toward your student’s music trip. You can use the gift cards for your regular household purchases - groceries, clothing, pet supplies, toys, gifts, drug stores/prescriptions, and restaurants; you can even purchase gasoline with RaiseRight.


There are three forms available:

  • eGIFT: Many vendors offer electronic gift certificates called eGfit. These are available for purchase at any time. eGfit arrives via email, usually, within minutes of your purchase. You print out the certificate, or use your smart phone to download a MOBILE APP to make and manage purchases. Some vendors even allow you to pay for your purchase right from your smart phone!
  • CARD RELOAD: You add funds to a physical gift card you have previously purchased through our program. Funds are usually posted to your card within 24 hours.
  • PHYSICAL (PLASTIC) GIFT CARDS: You place an order at www.raiseright.com and select “physical card.” The Music Boosters will place a physical gift card order approximately once a month (September – January); these orders will be available about 10 days after the order date. The shipping cost (approximately $9.00) is divided among the families involved and deducted from the bonus rebate earned.


You pay for gift cards through one of two ways.

  • ACH via your bank account. There will be a $0.15 charge per purchase.
  • Credit card payment. You’ll be asked to enter your credit card information at check out each time you place an order. There is a 2.6% fee for using your credit card for purchases.

You will also see the option to pay your Coordinator Directly. This option is NOT available for SPF
Music Booster Families. If you choose this option, your order will be canceled.

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